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Neoantigen based Personalized Cancer Therapeutic Vaccines Market

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Neoantigen based Personalized Cancer Therapeutic Vaccines Market is advancing owing to bioinformatics-technological advancements, improved diagnosis, and a strong pipeline.

Cancer therapeutic vaccines, unlike prophylactic vaccines, form a therapeutic option for the late-stage cancer patients in which the body’s immune cells target the cancerous cells. Therapeutic vaccines use weakened or inactive pathogens including virus, bacterium and others to create an immune response against the pathogens in the bod- directing the immune system to recognize, attack and destroy cancer cells. Neoantigen-based Personalized Cancer therapeutic Vaccines are one way to utilize the body’s immune system to fight cancer.


Neoantigens are non-autologous proteins which are specific to
individuals and are a result of non-synonymous mutations in the tumor cell
genome. Their lack of expression in healthy tissues and strong immunogenicity
have always attracted the attention of scientist to be explored as the
promising targets for cancer immunotherapies, including cancer vaccine as they activate
CD4+ and CD8+ T cells. The feature of neoantigens to only express in tumor
cells and not in healthy tissues is what gives then advantage over other
antigens being explored for cancer immunotherapy.

However; the development of such advanced therapies required
advanced technologies as well. A conflux of a wide range of
bioinformatics-technological advancements such as next-generation DNA sequencing
technology to scan and differentiate between tumor and healthy cells, identify
mutations and discrepancies; sophisticated computer algorithms, and
manufacturing advances have made it feasible to leverage the use of neoantigens
as cancer targets.

Marketed Therapeutic Cancer

Several challenges remain while developing therapeutic cancer vaccines despite significant challenges that come across. However, the US FDA approval two Cancer therapeutic Vaccines, till date, proves to be encouraging as Cancer therapeutic vaccines market witnessed an influx of the pharma and biotech players and formation of several collaborations to advance the market.

Neoantigen based Personalized Cancer Therapeutic Vaccines Market

In the very first, BCG – the only human tuberculosis
(TB) vaccine – was approved by the FDA in 1990 as a vaccine for early-stage
bladder cancer, which later-on emerged as the most successful treatment of a non-muscle
invasive form of bladder cancer (NMIBC). The vaccine reduces the risks of NMIBC
recurrence, and progression of NMIBC into muscle-invasive bladder cancer.
Despite being the most promising immunotherapeutic agents, the therapy is
accompanied by several setbacks and drawbacks in the form of treatment failure,
side effects, and the short residence of the instilled BCG in the urothelial lumen
due to frequent bladder emptying.

Nonetheless, recent advances in cancer immunology and
invigorating results from the trials have led the FDA to approve the use of
Dendreon’s Provenge (Sipuleucel-T) for prostate cancer in 2010 as the
first therapeutic cancer vaccine. The vaccine is autologous cellular
immunotherapy indicated for the treatment of asymptomatic or minimally
symptomatic metastatic
castrate-resistant (hormone-refractory) prostate cancer.

However, it is not a Neoantigen based Cancer Vaccines; and it
is not to be skipped that till date,
no neo-antigen based personalized vaccine has received any regulatory approval.

Neoantigen based Personalized Cancer Therapeutic Vaccines Market: In the Pipeline

Neoantigen-based cancer vaccines
have recently showed marked therapeutic potential in both preclinical and
early-phase as well as late-phase clinical studies.

A spectrum of therapeutic vaccination and strategies to cope
up with the increasing cancer burden are under development or being evaluated
in clinical trials. Classified based on cell vaccines (tumor or immune cell),
protein/peptide vaccines, and genetic (DNA, RNA and viral) vaccines, several Neoantigen-based
Personalized Cancer therapeutic Vaccines are expected to enter the market by
2035 that shall increase the market size.

The emerging products in the Neoantigen-based
Personalized Cancer therapeutic Vaccines market
appear to be quite
promising with different vaccines in different stages of clinical development.

Several key players such as Gradalis, OSE
, Immunitor, Gritstone Oncology, Genocea, Targovax, Hangzhou Neoantigen Therapeutics, Neon Therapeutics along with many others are robustly involved in fuelling Neoantigen-based
Personalized Cancer therapeutic Vaccines market. Neoantigen-based Personalized
Cancer therapeutic Vaccines that are in the pipeline comprise of potential and
promising products including Vigil (Gradalis), Tedopi (OSE Immunotherapeutics), Hepko-V5 (Immunitor), GRANITE (GRT-C901) + SLATE (GRT-R902) (Gritstone Oncology), GEN-009 (Genocea), TG01 Vaccine (Targovax), iNeo-Vac-P01 (Hangzhou Neoantigen Therapeutics), NEO-PV-01 (Neon Therapeutics) and many others.

Neoantigen based Personalized Cancer therapeutic Vaccines Market Segmentation

Neoantigen-based Personalized Cancer therapeutic Vaccines are
under evaluation for several types of cancers including Lung cancers, Bone
Cancer, Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma, Colorectal Cancer, Urothelial
Carcinoma, Cutaneous Melanoma, Renal Cell Carcinoma and others, each with their
respective sub-types.

In terms of indications, the most substantial chunk of Neoantigen-based
Personalized Cancer therapeutic Vaccines Market share shall be occupied by the Non-small
cell lung cancer (NSCLC) with various Neoantigen based cancer vaccines in
the pipeline for the indication in the 7MM expected to be launched by 2035.  

DelveInsight estimates that NSCLC shall account for 36.7% of Neoantigen-based personalized cancer therapeutic
vaccines market share by 2035 in the United States in the 7MM. In addition to
NSCLC, Melanoma, and Bladder cancer shall also account for significant Neoantigen-based
personalized cancer therapeutic vaccines market share with Brain and Bone
cancer anticipated to occupy the lowest share.

Moreover, the cancer indications that will witness significant
advancements during the forecast period concerning a good number of upcoming
vaccines are Ewing Sarcoma, Ovarian Cancer, melanoma – with Gradalis working to
advance the market, NSCLC market fuelled by OSE Immunotherapeutics, and Hepatocellular
Carcinoma therapy market advanced by Immunitor along with others.

Market drivers

Owing to the launch of upcoming therapies, ongoing research
and development, and a shift towards personalized treatment approach neoantigen-based
personalized cancer therapeutic vaccines market size shall increase during the
forecast period by 2035 in the 7MM.

Additionally, assisted by an increase in the diagnosed
incident population of several cancer indications and the advancements in
treatment options makes it irrefutable that upcoming cancer vaccine is majorly expected
to boom the overall therapeutic market in the oncology sector by acting as an
adjuvant therapy to the already existing Standard of care therapies (SOC).

Thus, therapeutic
cancer vaccines – especially, Neoantigen based – shows a bright future in cases
where cancer recurs or relapses, which would not only provide hope in
the form of new treatment modality for cancer management but also pave the way
for optimizing vaccines.

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